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There are several ways to register:

  • Registration via Social Networks (Fasebook, Google+, Odnoklassniki, VK.)
  • Registration via E-Mail.

* When registering via Social Network.
You must be logged in to your social network account and click on the social network icon via which you want to register.

After the order is completed, it is displayed in your account after 30 minutes, and in some cases instantly. In rare cases, the delay is up to 10 days.

Each store has its own conditions for receiving CashBack, they are displayed on the store page. In most stores the period is about 30 days.

You purchase products in the Online Stores, the stores pays us a reward,we return you a part of this reward — this is CashBack.

The percentage of CashBack depends on the store and the purchased product.

Information on the percentage of cashback can be seen on the store page.

Cashback can be in the form of a fixed rate (usually in this case there is a minimum order amount at which the cashback is provided) or a percentage of the order amount (in some stores there is a categorization of rates depending on the purchased product or whether you are a regular customer of the store or make the first purchase) .

No, It is Impossible. The fact is that we receive a reward from the store only for the orders that were made through our affiliate link.

The extension from will allow you to:

  • Do not forget about the possibility to get a CashBack.
  • Simplifies activation of the CashBack.
  • Minimizes the risk of losing the CashBack due to overwriting our affiliate link with another extension or program.

No, there is no such need. You can use an existing account in the store for purchases with a CashBack.

The minimum amount depends on the chosen method of payment. For more details, see the personal account on the page “Withdrawal money”

To change the password, go to the "Settings" section, go down the page, enter new password two times press "Save Button".

  1. Click the "Login / Registration" button in the upper right corner of the browser page, then the "Reset Password" link.
  2. Enter your email and click the "Reset Password" button. After 5-10 minutes you will receive an email.
  3. You will receive new password and confirmation link.
  1. Please check the folder "Spam".
  2. Send a re-request. Sometimes there are delays and letters arrive for 15-20 minutes.
  3. Check the email address.
  4. Please enter another email in the settings.

*If the email still does not arrive and you can not activate your account, please contact our support team. Support

  1. Login (login with your login and password, or via a social network) on 
  2. Find in the list of our partners the store in which you want to make a purchase.

    Click "Activate CashBack" button to go to the stores website.(*Or activate the extension on the stores website.)

  3. Find the product you need.
  4. Add item to cart and place an order.

*After a while, the cashback displays in the cabinet in the status "Waiting"

*Each store has its own rules and conditions. You can see the rules and conditions on the official store page.

No. All the payments you make for items from a shop go directly to that shop, subject to purchase conditions. We do not sell anything, so you don not need to pay anything to us.

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